B&B Sei Stelle

We invite you… to take your culinary journey of the Abruzzo region one adventurous step further...

to our very own villa in Sulmona, Italy… B&B Sei Stelle.


Overlooking one of the largest piazzas in all of Italy, B&B Sei Stelle is located in one of Sulmona's most historic properties.  

Each of our spacious guest rooms has a unique ambiance and is thoughtfully designed for your comfort and quiet relaxation. 


Our Link to italy

Our link to Italy, but more specifically to our native region of Abruzzo, is an integral part of our family’s identity.  Quite simply, it is the tapestry of who we are personally and professionally.  My culinary journey began in Sulmona and now my career has brought me back there full circle.

Our connection to Italy required that we wanted to be more than just tourists who travel to Italy on occasion. It necessitated that we position ourselves as residents there as well.  The purchase of this historic palazzo secured such a bond.  Living part of the year in Sulmona, we are afforded the distinct opportunity to share, in an ongoing and unparalleled basis here in our restaurants in Boston, the rich culinary traditions and customs that we know to be the true Italy. 


The Property

The property, originally built for one of Sulmona’s wealthiest noble families, has been the site for countless lavish social celebrations over the years that brought together the land-owning aristocracy of the region.  Located in the old city and once surrounded by a fortress with only the “porte” remaining, it’s central location has placed it center stage to history. 

At one time in the late nineteenth century, the property became the site for the famous Hotel Traffico that boasted the finest chefs in all of Abruzzo.  With the near completion of renovations, the property now stands ready again to welcome guests to experience the beautiful medieval city of Sulmona by seeing, and more importantly tasting, for themselves what we mean when we say that Abruzzo is the richest gastronomic region in all of Italy.

Our villa is available for rental exclusively through The Parker Company. 

If you are interested in renting the property on a weekly basis, please click here for pricing and availability.